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Live event platform

It is an interactive online experience where speakers from around the world can connect with event or congress attendees online.

Online event
Online congresss

How does it work

Speakers from anywhere in the world can connect to the system via video conferencing.

Speakers connected to the system are broadcast live through DDesign’s director system.

DDesign’s technicians take care of technical adjustments throughout the entire conversation to ensure a smooth release.

Live streams are streamed via DDesign’s highly secure coloud servers.

Participants can ask questions to the speakers
An interactive connection is made.

Participants can watch and participate in live presentations on computers or mobile devices from anywhere in the world.


While watching live broadcasts on a special interface, participants can also send questions to the speakers. Admins and moderators can view the questions coming through the special live broadcast admin panel, and they can also live chat among themselves.

Keypad application can be made with the participants during the live broadcast.

Participants can turn on their webcams and send their video footage to the speaker.

Participants can send emojis for a more interactive experience.

At the end of the event, participants can fill out and send the survey related to the event.

How long the participants stay on the live broadcast can be reported.

At online events combination of design and function

We complement our design power with our software power, and functional online activities emerge.

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