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We can create a sustaining conference website for all your virtual conferences and congress.

The virtual conference website can provide a wide range of features to support the attendee experience including the following:

Online registration and payment

An attractive and simple to use shopping cart is included for conveniently processing payments.

Access to Sessions and Speakers

Attendees will be able to access session information and speakers through your Virtual Conference Website.


Topical or session discussions can be configured to encourage peer sharing of information or exchanges between session leaders and attendees.

Session Surveys

Each course, conference or session can be set up with a survey to immediately receive feedback from attendees.

My Conference Page or Briefcase

Course or conferences purchased will be accessible in a personalized area of the site. This includes live access as well as access to archived sessions.


Participants can print their certificates over the system


The participants can access the presentations at any time on the site after the congress.


Participants can access poster presentations.


Participants can access all abstracts.