Onsite Services

Onsite services

We know the difficulty of working hours of your event. Our experienced staff provides you with seamless infrastructure, software and hardware services during the event.

We serve you with the same excitement and responsibility in all of you, whether you are ten people or thousands of people.

Self service check-in kiosk

With the Facevent system developed by DDesign, you can easily solve the accreditation part which is one of the most important workloads of the event while providing your participants with an exciting experience in check-in. With our Facevent face recognition system, the participants are recognized by the camera as they approach the recording kiosks and the badges are printed immediately.

Badge printing

Face recognition technology reduces the entry time of participants to only 9 seconds per person. Event organizers are able to complete the badge printing process, one of the most intense processes of the event, quickly and smoothly.

Access control system

The most advanced barcode and RFID terminals, by Ddesign the “Access Control Software” is used to determine the attendance and duration of sessions by attendees. Established to cover the entire event area of the system can be operated via a wireless network. In this way it is possible to create the desired access control points of the events all over the field.

Digital signage

Digital Signage is an excellent platform for congresses and events which carries great importance for information and advertising of digital content. Through the software developed by D Design, it is easily possible to create contents, managing, pursuing and controlling the generated content in the digital information network.

Speaker preview room

During the congress, speakers can access their customized zone by barcode readers to upload their presentations. System delivers each presentation to relevant halls via online.


Live webcasts enable the viewing of presentations, business meetings, and seminars over the web and mobile devices. Depends on the requests; broadcasts can also be delivered only to the targeted audience

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