Registration Management

Registration management

Do you wish you spent more time with your customers and participants instead of with their paperwork? Sick to death of disorganised files and missing payments? The answer is professional, quality online registration.
Associations and organisers register their participants and attendees for congress, events, activities, conferences and meetings through our easy online registration software.

Our web based online registration system which has been used for event and convention introductions, meet the present days developed internet technologies.

Participants can register via the event website or mobile app.

Online registration

We prepare a personalized web registration system for your events.

Mobile app

Participants can make event records via a personalized mobile application for your events.

Customizable registration form and tickets

We can customize the registration forms according to the needs of your event. Ticket purchase is added if your event is ticketed.

Badge printing

Our D-Access Software (DAS) is for data management about each participant, including that person's name, image and organization.

Mobile event app

Mobile applications are developed for events and conventions compatible with Iphone and Android based platforms.

Developed your vision into an irresistible application

 It’s our job to turn it into a reality. We’ll sit down with your team, listen to your ideas, and turn those ideas into a workable concept for a mobile application. Then our designers and developers will work together to give your concept life. You’ll get to watch as we transform your idea into a beautiful application, asking questions and offering feedback along the way. We won’t finish development until we test to make sure your application works perfectly on a wide variety of devices, operating systems, and software versions.

Continuous maintenance and support

The application we have developed for you must be functional and profitable throughout the event. Therefore, our team, who is already familiar with your application, will remain loyal throughout the event to help with maintenance, upgrades and support.

Badge printing

We can provide badge printing services onside. Our D-Access Software (DAS) is for data management about each participant, including that person’s name, image and organization. The registration management system collects all necessary information; Includes identity information and classifications for badge printing and other purposes.

Badges will have a qr code and can be embedded in the rfid chip. Participants can pass their badges with qr code or rfid chip access controls.

We can install self service kiosk systems for badge printing.
With the newly developed face recognition system, the name of the badge has been reduced to 9 seconds.

All necessary systems for the badge can be installed by our company. Our expert staff can work for the use of the system.

Make Your Events Perfect!

Let’s offer you a successful live event experience.